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Human body. The temple of all senses and feelings. The guard of our thoughts and intellectual skills. The entity which includes both soul and matter. The contemporary body is one of the major issues that Art nowadays is concerned about. Its physical existence, its aura, the picture that everyone has in mind of the human body, but most of all, its connection with other bodies. Aesthetic is even part of the human body. Stemming from our senses and causing feelings, aesthetic is the most crucial and personal creative motivation that every single one of us owns. Aesthetic is enough of a reason for people to communicate through their movements, their habits, their style.

What we want to demonstrate to the people, is that we should see our bodies, our souls, our feelings, our environment and even our interactions as a united system of Aesthetic. And nothing can describe Aesthetic better than Art. What we do is creating high Aesthetic pieces, that cover the nude body and generating the awe when standing before the mirror and looking your reflection. Generating the self-indulgence and widening your intellectual horizons so that you finally consider your body as you should. As the source of beauty. As the source of real creation and creativity. As the source of everything.

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