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Inspiration for Ioannis Roumeliotis's current collection is god Eros as a modern weapon and its integration into the battlefield. Eros, the untamed child of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love and Ares, god of war, always armed and sexually enthusiastic (Horny), is the one who lights the flame of love and sexual desire in the hearts of gods and mankind with his weapons. Modern lines and fabrics such as silk, wool, cashmere, silk organza and leather mixed with handmade textiles and ornate embroidery of silk thread and pearls, are accompanied with handmade jewelries, shoes and constructions.

Part of embroidery that adorns his creations, represents Eros (Love), Pothos (Passion) and Imeros (Desire) as they are displayed in an Athenian red-figure vase of the Archaic Period (5th c. BC), which is hosted at the British Museum of London. It is about one of the thousands of ancient Greek treasures that are far away from the place they were born and this action's purpose is the recall and reuse of our cultural heritage in contemporary design and the pursuance of their return.

The jewelry is influenced by Eros and the spiral, a symbol of ancient Greece, the strongest and one of the most historic symbols of the Greek world which indicates the Greek origin of all things. It represents variously both solar and lunar forces, air and water, thunder and lightning. At the same time, it symbolizes continuity, cyclical seasons, the procession of the Earth, destiny, the labyrinth and dance while it is also connected to the navel as the strength and life center.

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